Tim Vollmer

März / March - 2019

Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar


“2log” is a modular, cloud-based IoT platform. In conjunction with the 2log hardware, all devices with a plug as well as the user can be correlated with each other within a few seconds, thus processes and usage patterns become observable and manageable.

What is the Topic?

Collaborative workshops with freely accessible, sensitive and even potentially dangerous machinery ( CNC-Laser Cutter, angle grinder etc) must control access to their machines. (For reasons of employment protection, insurance, engine failure through operating error..) Without ensuring controlled access, there is a risk of high costs for the operator of the workshop due to insurance claims ( for example in case of bodily injury) or damage to machinery. With the system developed for this project, it is possible to turn analog devices into “smart” ones, using their connection plug. This allows controlled access to specific machines, as well as billing according

Why does it look like this?

The first step was building function prototype or rather “click-dummies” for the individual objects. This allowed for testing with users at an early stage. The final design, especially the 2log Dots, combines full functionality with a discreet design which blends well into its surroundings. Not only was value set on a good design with the casing, but also with the design of the inner workings, that is the circuit board, value was set on a well-arranged, clear design. During this entire process it was focused on usability.

What is special?

Any machine can be turned “smart” using their connection plug. Therefore the system consists of the following components: 2log Cloud: The “Cloud” is the central database of the system. It is used to manage the needed logics of the system. 2log Switch: The switch is placed between the machine’s connection plug and the plug socket, and connects itself with the cloud. It controls the power supply, and measures the power consumption every second. 2log Dot: The smart RFID-Reader are attached to every machine in the system, and connect to the “Cloud”. Users are authenticated at the reader using a RFID-Transponder (student ID, access card etc…), and simultaneously receive feedback about their usage of the machine. 2log App: The “App” offers an intuitive management of the entire system. It is used to add users and machines to the system as well as managing them. Moreover it is used to show the

What is new?

The unique feature of 2log is its dynamically customizable Software, which, in combination with the easy-to-use hardware components and the clearly arranged user interface, makes it possible to install the system and operate it everywhere. At the same time a high value was set on data security and transparency.