Feel the scent

Katerina Kagioglidis

März / March - 2019

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle


Feel the scent are twelve 3D printed geometrical black objects. All consisting of two parts. With a significant intersection surface. In each case all objects representing one certain scent molecule. Generated by their data.

What is the Topic?

Feel the scent is about making scents graspable in the literal scent by using their data.

Why does it look like this?

By means of parameters and algorithms, the description of the odor and its individual molecules were transformed into three-dimensional objects. The outer form is defined by a "Scent Pyramid" (which developed/emerged in the course of the project and) from which the description of the scent can be derived. The three-dimensional bodies consist of two parts which surfaces were generated by the data of the mass spectrometry. Mass spectrometry is a method for determining the mass of molecules using algorithms.

What is special?

The project is based on experiments with an innovative design methodology, that aims to transform the intangible and ungraspable into something graspable by using sets of data. It offers the possibility to use date as a tool for design.

What is new?

Nowadays, we have clouds of data which we collect but only use them to a limited extent. Algorithms already determine our daily life. Whether it be our "discovery weekly" which delivers us a personalized weekly mixtape on music streaming services or our navigation system which guides us while traveling. But how to use data for design? This project is an example where the design is based on the data of synthetic scent molecules.