Xuan Liu

November / November - 2020

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach



Imagine ores that circulate. As more and more electronic products are produced as miniaturized, wireless and waterproof, which also makes them harder to be taken back, disassembled or recycled. The project Zyklerz takes small personal-care electronics as objects to explore a strategic approach of circular design. The design contains a wireless battery unit made of repurposed EV battery cell, and a modular system. By attaching different modules to the battery module, it forms different products. This well-thought separation of modules allows multiple products to share one battery, make sure every component serves in their proper life cycles and to be disassembled and recycled in the right way according to their material. These modules are to be sold and taken back in a subscription model, in which manufactures get the benefit of a circular business, users get maintained user experience and improved usability while recycler get safer work environment and higher efficiency.