Zerstreute Aura

Evoking Artificial Synaesthesia Through Immersive Environments

Sofiia Skryhunets

September / September - 2022

Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel

Master of Arts


The conscious mind can only gain information about the external world through sensory systems. Synaesthesia is an outstanding example of how cross-modal integration of two or more sensory modalities can occur in the brain. The “Dispersed Aura” experiments explore how immersive environments and linked interactions may induce synaesthesia in individuals who may not ordinarily experience it. They also aim to examine how such rarely occurring cognitive processes can be expressed with digital tools. As a result of the technological and media conditions of digital interaction, it is possible to directly and immediately translate outputs from one sensory domain to another. Consequently, artificial neural networks can also induce synaesthesia through dynamic sensory mapping. This information is framed by meanings, which are at the core of our sensory experience. The experiments created are inspired by synaesthesia, enabling the exploration of ourselves across time and space.