A Special Public Car for All

Jing Lin

Februar / February - 2023

Hochschule Pforzheim

Master of Arts


“MIKO” is a mini-SUV for carsharing. It is designed for people who live in the suburbs or cities and wish to take a trip out to nature alone or with their families and friends. Because we live in a highly developed technological society, people are always surrounded by high-tech equipment. We are looking for an opportunity to return to nature and find a peaceful place inside ourselves. MIKO is a combination of nature and technology. It creates a natural atmosphere for its users. Instead of putting an image or a physical plant in the vehicle, I took inspiration from colours and aesthetic forms in nature. MIKO offers you a fantastic and surprising adventure for your journey. It is not just an unusual vehicle, but also a part of your enjoyable discovery of nature. This project was sponsored by Renault Mobilize.