Potential in Processing Local Sheep Wool

Kira Käthe Becker

STFI Chemnitz, Baur Vliesstoffe

April / April - 2023

Bauhaus Universität Weimar

Bachelor of Arts


In the framework of the project, potentials in the processing of regional sheep's wool were researched and identified, as it has suffered a strong loss of value in recent years. In an intensive research, representative actors along the wool chain were visited and interviewed. The resulting findings were processed in a multimedia and tangible way and made accessible to the public. The Kemafil® technology (coop. STFI Chemnitz) was used to produce strands from the heterogeneous, coarse wool qualities. The resulting Kemafil® strands can be understood as a semi-finished product itself, which can be worked with in further ways. Encased in a textile cover, the strands make up "Wolllage", a flexible upholstery layer. Depending on the place of use, various properties of wool are utilized, such as sound insulation, isolation, padding or air filtration. The product can be used as a climate curtain on the wall, as a futon on the floor or rolled up as a pouf.