Create Your Own Sensory Rituals

Ana Karina Haller

Febuar / February - 2023

Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar

Master of Arts


Through the possibilities of digitalisation and the potential of the modern working world, our environment is becoming more and more complex and presents us with new challenges every day. This is leading more and more frequently to stress and mental illnesses such as burn-out, in which those affected fall into a state of sensory deprivation. The Reset Ritual Design Set addresses precisely this point. It can be used to create individual rituals that focus on the five senses. The promotion of conscious perception is a preventive as well as a therapeutic measure. This ritual pause encourages the celebration of individual moments and the integration of relaxation into the modern hectic of everyday life. Rituals have an order, a clarifying effect, and offer support. The Reset Set is intuitive, playful, dishwasher-safe, space-saving and inspiring. It can be used alone or with company.