“How political are the police?”

A Multimedia Installation in Local Urban Spaces that Challenges the View on Saxon’s Police Behaviour

Anna Schneider

Juli / July - 2022

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden

Master of Arts


This project is a form of protest against police brutality in my hometown of Dresden. The telephone, colored in typical police colors, is attached onto a rainwater pipe in just a few seconds. People walking by will notice this parasite-like thing. The phone resembles a kind of police emergency telephone but the receiver has no mouthpiece? A phone that you can’t reach anyone with? When you pick up the receiver you can hear voices on the line. They read out short messages describing the misconduct of the Dresden police in connection with right-wing extremism, in a way that is both matter-of-fact and depressing. Hearing these headlines should make you question the police and their work. How can we prevent this awful behavior? Is that the kind of organization we can trust? To read more about each headline you simply scan the QR-code on the sticker above the phone. Or click here: https://t.ly/EMNX