Inga Jansen

Februar / February - 2020

Hochschule Hannover

Bachelor of Arts


WELL BEING is a furniture that is hanging on the wall, with a flexible acoustic seating system that adapts to the needs of the employees and at the same time saves space in the design of the working environment or home office.

What is the Topic?

During my bachelor thesis, I dealt with the topic "space-saving functional furniture in the office as well as in the home office" and to implement this in practice. The starting point is to enable flexible, self-determined work with the help of a modular seating arrangement. As the needs and problems in the office are constantly changing due to the increased demands for mobility, the working environment is continuously dependent on new solutions. WELL BEING aims to improve the physical working environment in order to increase wellness, motivation, and performance at the workplace in the office as well as in the home office.

Why does it look like this?

Hanging figuratively on the wall, " WELL BEING " enables the user to take a moment of retreat, according to individual needs, to switch off, to think in a concentrated way, and to continue working with renewed energy, motivated. With its clear, modular and additive language of form, WELL BEING adapts to the room and at the same time acts as a sound absorber. The materials, colors and structures emphasize the benevolent calm as well as the clarity of the design. The mechanics allow the user to actively engage with the product and, by opening the walls, create a quiet place to sit. The structures and linear cube forms are intended to balance the gaze of the observer, in which the user decides to let his gaze wander or to focus it, supported by the structure it contains.

What is special?

WELL BEING brings peace and quiet to offices and home offices and provides for more wellness and an individual work balance. Hanging pictorially on the wall, WELL BEING allows the user, according to individual needs, a moment of retreat to switch off, to think in a concentrated way and to continue working with renewed energy and motivation.

What is new?

The office proves itself not only as a place where people spend most of their time but also as a source for the future. As a result, an office is a place of constant improvement and new development. Due to the emerging challenges of modern office cultures and the complexity, a new design concept based on three core elements has been established: well-being, acoustics and space-saving. For a modern working world in which people feel comfortable and can work productively.