Henk Liez Müller

Juli / July - 2019

Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg

Master of Arts


The PathsWriter is a mobile tool, which enables the user to apply words or whole texts to the floor. It combines the mechanics of an embossing label maker and a chalk car in one easy to use apparatus. Letters can be selected by spinning a big wheel of stencils. Ecologically safe spray chalk is used for the application. The temporary letterings can be constantly renewed, refreshed and enhanced.

What is the Topic?

The PathsWriter opens up new ways to think about guidance systems. Static, architectural interventions turn into a process, into a performance, that sparks curiosity and invites us to take part.

Why does it look like this?

The tool is big and bright. The use of pared-down mechanics, wooden gears and the big scale provides a toy-like aesthetic, that enables intuitive handling and instantly dissolves any distance to users and passers-by.

What is special?

Special about this project is the overall approach. The task has been to provide a cost-effective and exciting guidance system for an open-air literature festival taking place in a large public park area. The main decision was to not engage in a senseless battle of material with tons of one-time use signposts and boards and rather create an apparatus that from now on can be used again and again for the annual festival.

What is new?

It is a new approach to create a guidance system in the form of an appartus, a process, a performance.