support your local microbes homage to the microbiome

Lene Zech

Februar / February - 2020

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle

Bachelor of Arts


To present microbes in a new way and show the international diversity of microbes in fermentation, this object-scenery provides a sensory experiences while smelling. In a new interactive exhibition the characteristics of fermented food are made tangible. The vessels find application as mobile exhibition presentation as well as at tastings, food fairs or catering services.

What is the Topic?

Correlation of life and reason for fermentation — the potential of the microbiome should be celebrated, presented and positivized. Is it possible to push the bad image of such a potential of microbes and present it in the proper light? We are living in an antibiotic society where the bacterial alienation counts. But still those symbiotic relationships between human being and microbe are part of all connections of life and the least of them are disease-causing.

Why does it look like this?

Food and their microbes should be presented in a functional and formal reserved way. Main element is a cloche-like conic section made out of glass. In the glass cone scents will be collected and releasing it afterwards. The colored glass is supporting the food in its presentation and is standing on an empty plate to remind us of the invisibility of microbes. Fermented good is being pinched or speared inside the cloche on a cutlery-like holder.

What is special?

The cultural asset of fermentation and those microbes which can just be seen under laboratory conditions should be perceptible in an olfactory experience. Olfactory memories are strong and very long lasting. Because of that those special vessel-like objekts supporting the sense of smelling and the macrobiotic, fermented tasting.

What is new?

Besides the smelling-extention a communication media called ‘support your local microbes — homage to the microbiome’ should be generated. A independent newspaper supports with an informing and educative effect where basic knowledge about the human microbiome and our chancing food culture will be transmitted.