Xijing Xu

Oktober / October - 2018

Universität der Künste Berlin


Wanderer is a series of textile, on which has been printed with bacteria-shape pattern and applied with starter culture of sour milk.

What is the Topic?

The 'starter culture' of sour milk can be dehydrated and saved on different materials for longer storage and a more extensive range of transportation.

Why does it look like this?

The patterns are inspired by the cultures where the sour milk comes from. The processing way of the textile allows people to cut them off as small squares easily.

What is special?

It is a poetic way to ship sour milk cultures all over the world in the form of a light piece of screen printed quilt square.

What is new?

The pattern on textile visualized the type of sour milk inside. The lightness of material allows it to be inserted into any corner around.