LYBOprotect – Bekämpft Borreliose bevor sie entsteht

Janina Hünerberg bei Prof. Detlef Rhein (Entwurf) und Prof. Dr. Annika Frye (Theorie)

Oktober / October - 2018

Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel


LYBOprotect is a set for the prophylactic treatment of Lyme disease after a tick bite. It consists of a tick removal tool, three antibiotic plasters and a robust metal package with instructions.

What is the Topic?

The danger of getting Lyme disease from a tick bite is omnipresent. If you stay outside, you inevitably come into contact with ticks, because the small parasites live almost everywhere and quickly cling to us. A diagnosis after the tick bite is only possible after several weeks. If the first symptom, the wandering-flush, is overlooked, a diagnostic marathon usually follows because the later symptoms can no longer be clearly attributed to Lyme disease. If one is ill, inevitably a antibiotic therapy of several weeks takes place, which loads the entire organism. Without therapy, symptoms such as joint inflammation become chronic.

Why does it look like this?

The shape of the tick-tool supports the gripping and levering out of the tick. Due to the special slot, every tick size can be grasped equally well. Thanks to a viewing window, the patch can be placed exactly above the tick bite, so that the antibiotic gel lies optimally on the affected skin area. The protective foil offers areas to touch for good positioning. The packaging consist of one continuous piece, which minimises the risk of environmental pollution from parts blown away. A deep-drawn stainless steel sheet fits exactly around the contents and offers space for the tick-tool and plasters.

What is special?

LYBOprotect treats Lyme disease prophylactically. An antibiotic plaster is the heart of the product set. Once the tick has been professionally removed from the skin using the tool, the patient opens the sterile-packed patch and attaches it centrally to the puncture site. A transparent viewing window facilitates positioning. The patch contains an antibiotic gel that kills the pathogens locally in the skin before they spread to the body and make it ill. Like a second skin, the patch covers the tick bite for the next three days and protects the medication from environmental influences. A graphical interface shows the progress of the treatment. In its robust and space-saving metal packaging, the set can be taken anywhere. LYBOprotect enables immediate treatment of Lyme disease after a tick bite. This eliminates the need for time-consuming diagnostics and does not strain the organism, as only a small part of the body is treated.

What is new?

The concept is based on a novel drug, which is currently still in the approval phase as a gel. This approach fundamentally changes the treatment of Lyme disease, as the tedious diagnosis is no longer necessary and can be treated locally immediately and without side effects. My product design provides a framework for this new therapeutic approach and gives the user a safe handling of the drug.