Wahrnehmung – die Aneignung der Dinge / Perception – the appropriation of things

Jan-Simon Veicht, Elena Steffan

Februar / February - 2018

Fachhochschule Potsdam


Perception - the appropriation of things. Product ensemble of perception tools MEASURING MOMENTS: candle holder THINKING BODY: Chair REALITY CHECK: Accessories collection

What is the Topic?

The thesis explores the topic of perception and its cognitive building through the lens of product design. Based on a body of research work on the origins and experiences of perception and reality, the investigation leads to a practical translation into a series of physical objects. In the context of emerging tools for the personal analysis of reality, the thesis translated into tools which interacted with the user in a poetic, active or sensual way. And being in the world means being in constant dialogue with her.

Why does it look like this?

Based on our research on different methods of perception, the form followed insights we gathered through our body of work on this topic. MEASURING MOMENTS: How can I shape time according to my sense of time? How can I experience the moment as now (between future and past)? How can I design an 'instrument' without the scale of measuring? THINKING BODY: How can decisions be consciously experienced? The decision-making process does not have to become more efficient, easier and better - it has to be made physically tangible. REALITY CHECK: How could a mirror-thing look like, which makes me sure of myself? How could an item help me to anchor myself in the present and sense of now? How would a mirror look like if it were to touch?

What is special?


What is new?