Volvo Aero-Space

Mobility for Future Car Sharing Systems With a Subscription Service

Sojeong Kim


Juli / July - 2022

Hochschule Pforzheim

Master of Arts


The concept of driving is increasingly shifting from sole ownership to sharing a car. People no longer want to deal with the complicated process of purchasing a new car. A subscription service is one of the latest car sharing services to meet the needs of those customers. It increases access and engagement with a brand and should be an experience where users can immerse themselves into the lifestyle that the brand wants to convey. To use the example of a family trip in 2040, an autonomous car for long-distance travel with the subscription service “Care by Volvo” would be an ideal option to experience the lifestyle with a Volvo vehicle. According to the concept of “moving home”, its roof shape enables two different modes of use the aerodynamic mode is designed for high-speeds when travelling from city to city, and spacious mode to accommodate extra luggage. At the same time, the fluidity blending into the solid sculpture, emphasising the aerodynamics, suggests a new direction for the Volvo brand’s design language.