Visual Relations

Adrian Bachmann

April / April - 2021

Universität der Künste Berlin

Master of Arts


„Visual Relations” explores the role digital images play in the perception, constituting and processing of our world. Images have become the basis of our visual experience. They have an incredibly powerful function, since they are the medium through which we perceive our and other worlds. Images are an essential part of our everyday life, whether we like it or not. Foreign images imprint themselves, become part of our memory and imagination, and thus become instances which control our perspective, identity and actions. Digital content is integrated into inner visual worlds which our imagination unconsciously feeds from. „Visual Relations – Die Bilder in meinem Kopf” looks at the migration of visual information into the imagination and its influence on creative processes. In doing so, the project traces the impact of a creative unconscious, that productively assimilates visual provocations.