Strategisches Design Thinking für unsere Homecare-Zukunft

Fabian Hardt

September / September - 2020

Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar

Bachelor of Arts


Our health system is facing major challenges. Our hospitals are overloaded in their current form. A systemic rethink is therefore urgently needed. An important part of the future solutions will be to include the homes in the overall concept of the health system. Solitary solutions alone are no longer sufficient to deal with the problems in our health system. Homeward is the vision of a health system that focuses on the needs of patients and offers an efficient and transparent system through intelligent network structures and advanced technologies. The focus of the concept is the additional relocation of accompanying diagnostics, treatment and care to the patient‘s home environment. Homeward connects the various players in the hospital system and the homecare system in one platform.