versatile vagabond

shanmei yao

Februar / February - 2019

Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe


A concept and brainstorming for rational travelling. Multifunctional / modular clothing and bag system for a shorter journey without checked baggage. The storage space for lighter luggage, clothing and laundry is distributed over the body with several pockets. The garment offers various combinations and is a modular and experimental system

What is the Topic?

Priorital starting point for the design process was the need for lighter travel: What do I need on my journey? What is really necessary? What can I and what do I want to wear? What is the function of the one single garment? Which combination options do I have?

Why does it look like this?

All items are designed to be versatile and functional, but not to have an obvious look of "functional" clothing. The design plays with an emotional and personal component that expresses an abstract and very individual sensation of traveling. Floating, traveling as a dream feeling. Dream trips.

What is special?

Lightness is a central issue when choosing materials, colours and ingredients. Avoiding over weight plays a big role. Moving heavy weight costs energy. Energy should be saved. The luxury of traveling flexibly to distant destinations nowadays, and in particular flying there, can obviously have a negative impact on environmental pollution and CO2 emissions. Lightweight and thoughtful packing should be very important to any traveler!

What is new?

An experimental look borrowing to some extent from East Asian workwear is contrasting the popular "package travel" aesthetics of a Western tourist. Everything on the body VS. all-inclusive. The modularity of the design offers numerous possible combinations and looks for different situations. Transformation of the versatile apparel as a way to individually  reduce clothing items with only one functionality.