Kevin Faeseler

Juli / July - 2018

Hochschule Hannover


A holder for monitors that has been optimized several times in their topology.

What is the Topic?

Intelligent helpers in the form of programs, systems or specific algorithms are a constant companion in everyday life. In the engineering field, programs are even used to optimize components with regard to their shape and, above all, to reduce the use of materials. Often these shapes are highly complex and are often produced in a 3D printing process. Only parameters determine the shape to be generated. The creative act is put into the control of a system. In the creative field, this approach can serve as a form inspiration and at the same time test the technical feasibility in terms

Why does it look like this?

The computer creates the shape by changing various parameters in the CAD program and adjusting them again and again. This creates an arbitrary shape that the CAD program suggests. Nevertheless, it is precisely determined by the human-imposed parameters.

What is special?

The CAD program creates a wide range of shapes you did not think of before. In compliance with the given parameters, there is nevertheless an increase in the variety of designs.

What is new?

The design process.