collaboration tool – eine Entwurfsarbeit für kollaborative Arbeitsprozesse / collaboration tool - a design work for collaborative work processes

Ferdinand Fach

November / November - 2021

Kunsthochschule Kassel



Velum was designed for exchange and flexibility in the office. The design consists of the board, the frame and the wheels. The board, made of acoustic fleece in the prototype, serves as a pinboard on which Post-its hold just as well. In addition to the acoustic fleece, the board can also be made of a coated board with a whiteboard surface. In combination, both variants can optimally enrich the work process. The board is held by the frame, which consists of two intersecting round steel tubes. In addition to its load-bearing function, it symbolically offers the user a hand through the tapered handle. The tapered shape of the frame sets the direction, which is emphasised by the large wheel. The large wheel makes it possible to only have to brake one castor for a firm stand. The interplay and positions of the wheels give Velum a firm footing on any floor, flexible mobility and pleasantly quiet running.