Varianz in Monomaterial / Variance in monomaterial

Analyse und Entwicklung einer Designsystematik für positives Nutzererleben der Varianz in Monomaterialität für kreislauffähige Produkte / Analysis and Development of a Design Approach for Positive User Experience of Variety in Mono-Material Products for Circular Economy

Hanna Heimbold

März / March - 2022

Technische Universität Dresden



In this thesis, the product design in mono-material is examined on a functional as well as non-functional level. Firstly, common material combinations will be analyzed. Afterwards, variance will be generated in a mono-material through diverse processing strategies. In a workshop semantic analogies for material combinations will be found with these mono-material contrasts. The results of this thesis present a starting point for the semantic translation of selected material combinations by variance through surface processing especially in plastics. By further advancement of this translation strategy, designers are given a tool which stimulates them to use mono-materials in their designs. In the future, it should be natural for designers and engineers to design mono-materially. With this they contribute majorly to the change towards a higher percentage of recyclable products on the consumer market and promote a circular economy.