Pi – Das Kinderurinal / Pi – The Children’s Urinal

für den Spielplatz / for the playgrond

Julia Dankmer

September / September - 2021

Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel

Master of Arts


The toilet condition in urban playgrounds: Children and their companions often have to go into the bush because there are few alternatives. The natural space is misused as a urinal and becomes a non-place, but it is essential for free play, and, like the playground in an urban context, it is the only public space dedicated exclusively to children. The children's urinal with a greened outside was designed with the idea of urinating in a flower meadow as the ideal toilet situation. With the aim to break with habits and not use conventional sanitary elements, the installation PI addresses the natural way of urinating in the bush. By abandoning the spatial seperation of gender-specific interfaces, a wide range of ergonomic utilities is created. As a kick-off to a new equal urinal culture in public spaces, the new quality of the urinal is brought by visibility and social control, a pleasant central accessibility, gender equality, and function-specific pee-pee interfaces.