Platform: Playground.

Bewegte, erlebbare Momente statt machtlosem Warten, kontrolliertem Verhalten und Verboten: Verbesserung der Aufenthaltsqualität auf dem Bahnsteig durch Gestaltung, insbesondere für Kinder. / Moving moments instead of powerless waiting, controlled behaviour and prohibitions: Improving the quality of stay on the platform through design, especially for children.

Merle Lehmann-Korn

Februar / February - 2022

Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee

Bachelor of Arts


Platform: Playground. aims to improve the quality of stay on the platform, especially for waiting children. Not too conspicuous, yet quite clear possibilities are conveyed to behave in a new, individual and freer way - contrary to some currently prevailing norms and prohibitions. The abstract, simple forms allow and motivate to use the objects appropriately, according to individual needs. Playing and discovering are visibly allowed. Platform: Playground. serves to individualise an otherwise tense waiting time and with it, lines / borders may disappear in the minds of those waiting. The platform can become a lively, inclusive place where all people, especially children, enjoy waiting for their train for a perceived shorter time. Supervised by Prof. Nils Krüger and Prof. Antonella Giannone.