Urban Coolspot Project

Das Konzept zur Erhaltung des lokalen Mikroklimas / The concept for sustaining local microclimates

Julia Sulikowska

Oktober / October - 2021

Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee

Master of Arts


Inspired by traditional evaporative cooling inventions, the project explores the potential of using clay in urban environments to generate cool microclimates. This approach addresses the problem of sealing the urban landscape. Urban Coolspot is a modular structure that saves water from drainage channels. It is absorbed by the porous ceramic structure and distributed by capillary attraction. On hot summer days, the gradual evaporation cools the warm ambient air, and the wind carries it across the heated urban landscape, improving the thermal comfort of residents. It is an adaptive solution for maintaining a microclimate in sealed courtyards or small public squares, which does not require costly reconstruction or energy supply. The project allows flexible implementation on a big or small scale as a temporary or permanent landscaping component, also in cooperation with residents.