Kind Sein / Being A Child

Ein gender-sensibles Spielkonzept / A gender-sensitive Game

Dana Hölzer

Januar / January - 2022

Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen

Bachelor of Arts


Despite of current gender debates children are still being socialized into the social construct of bisexuality through the selection of toys – even before birth. 'Being a child' is a gender-sensitive game concept that allows context and role-playing without stereotypes and binary gender messages. It is an offer for children to experience stories and play various roles free of prescribed play. Four play stands that can be played on both sides are thematically based on gender stereotypical game themes, but designed free of gender codes. Due to a deliberately open design, roles, actions and functions of game elements can be freely interpreted and combined. A set of tools, which are also designed to be interpretatively open, as well as universal building blocks are added for all stands. Designed for daycare centers, the game is regardless of age and development levels. The game has stimulated various interpretations and was fun for children, especially while collective play.