Frédéric Kreutzer

November / November - 2020

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach



Urban Cargo Flow is a concept that addresses the transportation of goods in the urban environments.Within the concept, most of the transportation of goods takes place in underground trains. This relocation of goods transport creates freed up space at the surface. Urban Cargo Flow includes two types of trains: The Urban Container Freighter can load two freight containers (Euro pallet with 1 m loading height). The Rotation Load Vehicle is a particularly flexible solution for the fast delivery of small freight (max. 24 items 60x60x30 cm). Both trains are aerodynamically optimized and designed for autonomous operation. The project is complemented by standardized freight containers (Smart Freight Container), and Surface Shuttles (flexible transport vehicles for the surface), thus achieving an end-to-end solution for for the transport of goods within cities.