Social Enlightenment at the Table: Appreciation for Regionality and Raising Awareness for Responsible Nutrition Literacy

Maria Soravito de Franceschi

Oktober / October - 2022

Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee

Master of Arts


The “UNEARTHED” project deals with the question of how design solutions can contribute to people improving their relationship with healthy and regional food. The central element of this work was an exploratory journey from Berlin to Tuscany. The trip provided information on how various table cultures, ceremonies and rituals within the local populations shaped their relationship to food and enjoyment. In all the areas visited, a close exchange took place with experts in the form of interviews. The aim was to create a symbolism for the region and the table culture. The soil was to be used as a connecting element between food production and the celebration of its consumption at the table, uniting nature, people and enjoyment. The result was a set of tableware where the surface was refined by means of various soils that were collected from the various stations on the journey of discovery.