Interlinked Team & Process Management

Tools for Optimising Work Processes in Field Harvesting

Julius Röhlig

CLAAS E-Systems GmbH

November / November - 2022

Technische Universität Dresden

Bachelor of Arts


In order to bundle the work process of a heterogeneous machine group of autonomous and human-controlled systems, numerous possibilities of process control and visualisation were tested and selected options were developed in this work using an interactive research cabin. Together with experts from industry and research, insights into the problems that need to be overcome were collected and key points for further work were derived from them. With the focus on an assistance function for combine harvesters that evaluates and optimises the work process, as well as a design for a process visualisation of all participating units and persons in the harvesting process in space and time, two final ideas were designed. As a result, an application for self-assessment in harvesting with the possibility of direct, AI-assisted adjustments to the system's settings was developed, and an idea for integrating process management into existing operating systems was developed.