tubbies – record weight

Marlies Wieking

September / September - 2020

Fachhochschule Potsdam

Bachelor of Arts


The record weight is a classic niche product. In the "tubbies" product series, the object is given a new function with the help of design. The rotation of the record player is taken up and brought into the three-dimensional space. The purely technical use of a conventional record weight is thus supplemented by a performing visual component. Several variants have been created, which play with optical illusions in the movement and in the sculptural image. They complement the ritual of the record player and provide pleasure and fascination in its use. This creates a visual perception when playing the records. To further enhance the product in technical function, a 7inch puck was integrated, which can be easily separated from the interior of the object and rejoined by a magnetic connection. Design-wise, the weight and puck are visually complementary and form a coherent record equipment.