Tuan Yuan Table

Svenja Peper

Juni / June - 2020

Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen

Bachelor of Arts


Tuan Yuan Table means reunion of the family. It is a traditional chinese table, which fits into small rooms and still can accommodate a lot of guests. The diameter of this round table is just one meter and is used in everyday life by small families, DINKS or singles. When you have guests, a stick from the middle of the table can be extended. The corresponding tray can be attached so that more space for dishes is created vertically. The new table situation shows two turnable levels and up to 7 people can take a seat.

What is the Topic?

The initial question was how sustainable bamboo is. While the high CO2 uptake and socially responsible cultivation stood out, it also became apparent that the transport to Europe is a weak point. But in the largest exporting country, Chinese people are not particularly enthusiastic about their own bamboo. Bamboo is often depicted with poor quality, durability and design. I decided to design a bamboo table that stands in the middle of social events and has an interactive component. The result is a modern product that uses its own local material and is strongly adapted to the Chinese way of life.

Why does it look like this?

The chosen look shows a mixture of Scandinavian flair and Chinese bamboo materials. A very important criterion was a modern look. The Scandinavian structure brings a western component into the picture. But I also wanted to give the bamboo material enough space and decided to find a minimalist, reduced form. For this, the mechanics have been reduced to a minimum.

What is special?

The simple and modern design was created by using the hollow bamboo pole. Its unique shape could be used industrially in connection with suitable metal parts. With a clever mechanism, the table also enables family and friends to be received even in small apartments.

What is new?

Tables in China are usually adapted to western requirements. When visiting in China is served large. An unwritten rule says that one dish is always cooked more than people who dine. In contrast to other tables with a diameter of one meter, there is enough space in the middle to place a large number of dishes and thus a large number of people. The space for your own rice bowl and chopsticks is reduced. This adjustment enables a perfectly utilized area.