Topomoss Modul

Viktoriya Grozeva

Mai / May - 2021

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


Topics - health and sport, relaxation, human connection with nature, biophilic design and integration of nature in an urban environment To use the beneficial properties of moss indoors and at the same time to protect it from possible extinction in rocky areas (to create environmental awareness) Focus on avoiding environmental problems due to the popularization of rock climbing The main difficulty - to prove to society that nature can be easily and comfortably integrated into everyday life and that contact with it should be encouraged “Topomoss” is a self-watering module with moss, the shape of which is inspired by topographic maps. It can be positioned vertically or horizontally and is mainly used in climbing gyms, used as a landscaping on the climbing wall or as a yoga carpet.