3D-gedrucktes Bausteinsystem für moderne Architektur / 3D-printed building block system for modern architecture

Lennard Wilde

November / November - 2021

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach



The form of most modern European buildings is based on their smallest unit: the building block. Due to its cuboid shape, it usually determines the general rectangular, straight form of the architecture built with it. Here lies hidden unused design potential, which I would like to use with my diploma project. The result is a 3D-printed building block system, which allows the architect to break out of the rigid grid, given by the cubic brick. The interactions of the forces acting in and on the bricks are also taken into account and form the basis for the calculated internal structure of the building blocks, which is only locally reinforced when high loads make it necessary. In this way, material is saved by using it only where it is actually needed. Production takes place on a paste 3D printer. After the bricks have been fired, they are used like conventional building blocks.