The modular mold.

Theresa Voigt

Februar / February - 2020

Bauhaus Universität Weimar

Bachelor of Arts


A service is offered within this work, the users are part of the design process. It is possible to design their own porcelain objects via a website and move them based on previously defined parameters. In the further process, they will be informed specifically about, how their own object is manufactured and who exactly is involved in the respective process steps.

What is the Topic?

This work deals with the argument of industrial manufacturing and the associated loss of appreciation that we show to products. This is often because we do not know how, where, or who our products are made from. This is the result of the fact that the production has become increasingly anonymous. On the one hand, it is about appreciating the people behind the product, as well as involving the users in the design process. This should make production more transparent and generate greater interest in the product itself.

Why does it look like this?

By dividing the shape into different plaster segments, it is easy to put different products together. These segments can also be moved. This creates a product family that is made up of visually similar objects, but each of these objects is unique, put together by the user himself according to his needs. The result is multi-interpretable products that are diverse in their function.

What is special?

The special thing about this project is the examination of the manufacturing process of ceramic products. The analysis of this creates the possibility of letting the user become part of this process. The objects are different from the formal language given by the industrialization, the result is that the users question the objects more.

What is new?

There are hardly any possibilities to design your own porcelain object, but with the concept of using a modular mold with different segments, its possible. This creates a much stronger bond with the object. In addition, a completely new design language is created. So the objects show new and different possibilities of the material.