Symbiotic Spaces

Laurin Kilbert

Februar / February - 2021

Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst Hildesheim

Master of Arts


Symbiotic Spaces searches for a way to create places in urban areas, which provide habitats for more-than-human species and can be a meeting point for different forms of life, to make new kin. Robots and local, wild clays are involved, to search for a sustainable way of building and to integrate digital manufacturing into the current paradigm shift in design. Ceramic modules, „growing“ from the water to the ground and into the air, offering housing opportunities to a broad variety of species: water animals, mammals, wild insects, and birds. The form is inspired by slow observation of non-human architectures in the forest, natural algorithms and the viscocity of wild, local clay. Every city has its own color of clay, so a white clay was chosen to visualize a neutral example. 3D Clay-Printing is in this case the medium to reflect about the nature of technology, the use of materials and the question, which needs and perspectives should be involved in contemporary, technological output.