Simon von Schmude

Oktober / October - 2019

Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin

Master of Arts


SwarmLab is a simulation environment that enables the development of artificial swarms through an iterative process of simulation, observation and reconfiguration. This evolutionary process opens up the immense potential of swarms as a technology for many fields of application and user groups.

What is the Topic?

Swarms in nature often prove their potential as a solution to a wide range of problems in a variety of sizes and locations. They are flexible, robust and work in a way that is comprehensible to observers. The project tries to make use of these qualities in design processes.

Why does it look like this?

The SwarmLab user interface uses the spatial arrangement of physical laboratories as a model. Thus, the application is divided into different workspaces and orients its workflow towards analogue gestures and objects.

What is special?

SwarmLab enables the virtual modelling and simulation of swarms in a sandbox that emulates the real world. This leads to an iterative evolution during the design process of artificial swarms.

What is new?

SwarmLab is the first swarm simulation environment that allows the integration of any real-world influencing variables.