Eva-Maria Ciesla

September / September - 2020

Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar

Master of Arts


1 – Find potential space – 2 – Find potential performer – 3 – Roll in, Pop up, Plug in – 4 – Perform, perform, perform – 5 – Repeat from 1 The performer is both a transport trolley and a furnishing system - and partner of action. It enables temporary (interim) uses of space with the aim of creating performative situations of the commons as places of togetherness in existing (vacant) spaces. The performers act as mediators and networkers. Manufactured from square steel tubing, the modules offer various visible connection options. In partner or team work, e.g. bench, table, counter, arch, pedestal can be joined. In this way, the performers set up situations that can become presentation and interaction areas for human performers. The changeability of the performers should enable collaborative and spatial experimentation and motivate further, new performative connections - which in the best case point beyond the place and time of use.