Solar Projekt

Möbel mit Solarzellen – Recycling der Lichtenergie der Innenbeleuchtung durch Solarpanel / Furniture with solar cells - recycling the light energy of the interior lighting through solar panels

Eun Ji Seo

Juli / July - 2022

Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg

Bachelor of Arts


Most of the time we don't think about recycling energy. If we can recycle the used energy, like materials, and if you can combine the recycling method with design and the recycled energy can be used elsewhere, we can show better ways for our future. With this idea I started this project. In addition, I got to know the technology of energy generation through a research report. The project is just a collection of research and ideas on how energy can be recycled and applied to which area or product and what can be done with the regenerated energy. It is also to check reality. Whether it is feasible and whether it is possible to design a new direction with the mix of solar panels and furniture. The goal is to think about how to make recycling energy easier and recycling resources more familiar.