qio – the next generation of laparoscopic instruments

Optimierung laparoskopischer Instrumente hinsichtlich variierender Handeigenschaften / Optimisation of laparoscopic instruments with regard to varying hand properties

Cosima Pauli

Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Berlin

März / March - 2022

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


Minimally invasive surgery has many advantages for patients, but poses major challenges for surgeons. Studies are discovering more and more that lap. instruments lead to pain and injuries in the hands, arms and back. Qio has been ergonomically adapted to the characteristics of different hand sizes. Thanks to the ring shape, extremely small hands can grip higher up in order to easily reach the control element on the top, and large hands can grip lower down in order to be able to use more contact surface. In addition, qio can be gripped from different directions, which means that the surgeon's wrists do not have to be bent uncomfortably. The use of silicone also prevents pain and pressure points. Qio not only takes the well-being of the patient into account, but over all the physical health of the user.