Forschung über Textilimitationen in virtuellen Räumen / research about textile imitations in virtual spaces

Julia Rademacker

Textiles Zentrum Haslach für die Umsetzung der Jacquardgewebe / Textiles Zentrum Haslach for the production of the jacquard fabrics

Februar / February - 2022

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle

Master of Arts


The work SOFT SCULPTURE explores the imitation of textile objects in virtual spaces. In an otherwise predominantly static scenario, textiles constitute the soft, moving and dynamic element within the virtual space. This quality is illustrated by an evoked sense of movement and represented through the formation of folds. Pleats, gathers or drapes are visual results of different commands, which are programmed and virtually reproduced. Out of these commands, design parameters were derived and translated into the weaving construction of physical fabrics. Therefore, the textiles are based on construction methods of computer-aided programs which are used for both the production of virtual and physical textiles.The used technology for Jacquard weaving is based on the binary system of 0 and 1 and is therefore considered the forerunner of the first computer.