Entwicklung eines recyclingfähigen mineralischen Feststoffs aus Bauschutt am Beispiel eines rückbaufähigen Mauerwerksystems / Development of a recyclable mineral solid from construction waste using the example of a deconstructible masonry system

Maren Klamser

Fingerinstitut Weimar

Juli / July - 2021

Bauhaus Universität Weimar

Master of Arts


Construction is one of the world’s resource-intensive industries. Furthermore, the construction industry faced problems such as scarcity of resources and waste deposal crisis. The focus of this thesis is the question whether mineral raw materials from construction and demolition waste can be reused. The material 5TONS is a recyclable mineral solid based on construction waste and brick-dust (masonry waste). A dry stacking system for bricks was developed based on the material. The particular design of the stone avoids the need of mortar. Trim marks and predetermined breaking allows the masonry to be flexibly designed.