Lichtkonzept Fahrrad / Light concept for bicycles

Felix Pape

November / November - 2021

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach



2Light is a lighting system for bicycles that increases the safety of the rider in both an active and passive way. It is designed for year-round use on the bicycle, which is the basis for the current development in the mobility revolution. The active component of 2Light includes cornering illumination and high beam. The passive functions consist of the illumination of the rider through indirect light panels, brake and parking lights, as well as reflector surfaces. The curve illumination enables the early recognition of people and obstacles at the roadside and in curves. Constant illumination of the path of travel is assured, regardless of the route. In the area of passive safety: 2Light increases the visibility of the rider through indirect light panels that model parts of the bicycle and rider with light in the dark and increases the light space that can be perceived by other individuals. The automatic brake and parking light functions ensure the visibility of the rider.