Martina Del Ben

Juli / July - 2019

Fachhochschule Potsdam

Bachelor of Arts


"Sitzweise" is a seat made of hard foam and outdoor materials for public green areas.

What is the Topic?

In order to promote interaction between people or between people and the environment, the supply and design of public space or place, including the surroundings, play an important role. On the other hand, an unsuitable design can also have the opposite effect. What does a green space as a public space in the city centre have to offer in order to become an ideal place for everyone to live? And what kind of design leads to a stronger attraction and a higher potential for interaction? The aim of the work was to significantly strengthen the stay in a small green space or its perception.

Why does it look like this?

The shape of Sitzweise is inspired by a cross between a statue and the French central flowerbed. The approach was to create a magnet in which the people passing by are attracted to the center and come into contact with the whole area. Unlike a normal bench, these seats favour a comfortable position for a long stay. the fact that they are mobile allows for arbitrary adjustments and when used by several people, better interaction between the participants.

What is special?

The special thing about "Sitzweise" is its mobility, the range of different seating arrangements, which at first glance does not look like a seating group. Because of their unusual shape, they are not considered to be a seating arrangement when not in use and therefore do not create an empty space, as they look like a sculpture, so that space is always occupied, both actively and passively.

What is new?

Like a sculpture, this seat gives the place a recognition value and at the same time has an attraction for people, which leads to interaction, because the modules are mobile and allow the user to adapt the arrangement to his needs, thus creating new forms that later attract new visitors