Scannen, Erkennen, Entdecken

Jari Schröder

März / March - 2021

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle

Master of Arts


“Scanning, recognizing, discovering” is a concept in which children can get to know and use the tablet or smartphone in a wide variety of ways. The camera can be used to scan maps from various theme sets, thereby activating digital content. The table becomes a stage on which children can explore the digital world. In addition to the digital world, the cards also motivate people to use tablets or smartphones in a wider context. For example, the “Forest” topic box is about Discovering animal tracks and photographing them, filming beetles in the undergrowth or recording the singing of birds. Digital media are more than a “digital pacifier”. The concept promotes active engagement with the media and self-effective and conscious interaction. In addition to the playful transfer of knowledge, it is about the first playful steps towards media competence.