Same, same but different – was von einer Reise bleibt

Sandra Spoo

November / November - 2019

Kunsthochschule Kassel



Several different products were the subject of my thesis. Inspired by Hessian architecture, I designed two tiles and a series of curtain fabrics.

What is the Topic?

The aim of the project "Same, same but different - what remains of a journey" was to create a product based on a theoretical and creative analysis of the topics "travel" and "travel memories", inspired by the Hessian architecture.

Why does it look like this?

Hessian architecture was the starting point for designing the patterns. The next step involved converting the surface patterns into products. Here we are talking about the designs for two tiles and a series of curtain fabrics. Both tiles were created in cooperation with the company Steuler Fliesen GmbH. The tile "PLAY" and the pattern fabrics were all developed freely, with no restrictions.

What is special?

The special feature of the tile "Fields" is that several small tiles are simulated on one single "carrier tile". Grooves are cut into the surface of the tile (30x30x0.6 cm) and are later filled with grout, just like the gaps between the tiles. The final picture will show no differences between the grooves and joins. Three different tile designs enable countless individual combinations. Inspired by Hessian architecture, this ceramic tile was designed for the company Steuler Fliesen GmbH. A print image is digitally applied to the slightly structured surface of the tile and finished with effects.

What is new?

Grooves are cut into the ceramic tile using a water jet. These grooves are then later filled with grout which makes it impossible to distinguish between grooves and the joins. One carrier tile simulates several small tiles.