mentimotion stress coaching

Brand Design for Coaching Business

Christian Struwe

April / April - 2023

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach



As designers, we primarily operate in the external realm, seeking to provide functional solutions to problems through our designs. In certain fields of design, products are created as external factors that are easily consumed to fulfil deep-seated emotional needs. Relief is achieved for a few hours, and then the client wants more. During my studies at HfG Offenbach, I realised that this approach to design is not my path. I aspire to be a designer who goes beyond treating symptoms and instead addresses the root causes of dissatisfaction and inner emptiness. That's why I pursued training as an integrative emotional coach during my studies and am continuing down that path. My brand, mentimotion, serves as the intersection between coaching and design. The logo depicts the complete process flow of a coaching intervention, which is used to structure content and can also be applied to the design process. The project involves web design, graphic design and social media content.