Der Deckenventilator, der durch eine Gravity Battery und ein magnetisches Getriebesystem angetrieben wird / The ceiling fan powered by Gravity Battery and magnetic gear system

Aleksandr Aleev

März / March - 2022

Bauhaus Universität Weimar

Master of Arts


Household tools are becoming more compact, standardised and universal in their construction and design. They are designed to appeal to the cognitive rather than the physical abilities of their users. Their function is no longer apparent and the physical experience is also fading. As a result, interest in objects and their function is diminished and less importance is attached to them. "RE_WIND" responds with the design of a free-standing, open, electricity-independent and social ceiling fan that focuses on intuitive and direct interaction between users and the object. The rotor of the fan is driven by a magnetic gear (1:10) and activated by a Gravity Battery. In contrast to the mechanical gear, the magnetic gear has no friction so that the user can charge the coil and the Gravity Battery without contact and without driving the fan rotor.