Objektserie aus Stampflehm / Series of objects from rammed earth

Isabel Redecke

April / April - 2022

Fachhochschule Potsdam

Bachelor of Arts


The series of objects Loamcycle is the result of a theoretical and practical-experimental investigation of loam. As a building material, it has been used in architecture worldwide for thousands of years. The typical area of use has been expanded and the material, which is often held in low esteem, has been made visible in a different context and on a different scale. Loam occurs in large quantities as excavated material on building sites and has so far often been declared as waste and dumped unused. High availability, recyclability without loss of quality and low-emission and low-energy processing represent chances regarding the climate crisis and resource scarcity. The material can easily be returned to nature and becomes part of it again through erosion. Plants grow on it after just a few weeks. In addition to the rammed earth objects inspired by architectural elements and usable as furniture, a video was made, which demonstrates the valuable properties of loam.