Quartiersraum Winterhuder Weg 134

Kayoung Kim
Johannes Kuhn
Jacob Scholz
Tatjana Schwab

Q8, Goldbekhaus und Kirchengemeinde Winterhude-Uhlenhorst

September / September - 2021

Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg

Bachelor of Arts


The Quartiersraum Winterhuder Weg 134 is a new space for social, cultural or sustainable ideas and projects in Winterhude-Uhlenhorst in Hamburg. Directly next to the QR 134 there is a voluntary bicycle self-help workshop and the WiQ-Café. Through three programs, a tangible place for a lively neighborhood with community culture and social participation is being developed. Neighbors are invited to use the space for a variety of ideas for the community and to create their own "third place". To make this possible, an exhibition with a new spatial concept was planned and various usage scenarios consisting of furniture, equipment and props were installed, which are available for further spatial design. These installations are intended to show and address the potential of the space: What needs are there in the neighborhood? And how can these be satisfied spatially?