Benjamin Unterluggauer bei Prof. Martin Postler (Entwurf) und Prof. Dr. Annika Frye (Theorie)

April / April - 2019

Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel


MOKIT can be described as a furniture kit, with a flexible clamp connector at it's heart. It enables diverse connections of wooden rods in any angle, non destructive and repeatable for countless times.

What is the Topic?

The trend of the modern Nomad places new demands upon furniture. They have to be adaptable, portable, and most importantly repeatably deployable. At the same time, MOKIT refers to the temporary retail sales business of the start up culture, which emerged in the form of pop-up stores. The clamp connector is designed for the just in time production of small quantities. That is why it can be printed locally, even with entry level 3D-Printers, in a short period of time.

Why does it look like this?

Wooden rods offer a attractive and economical method to get into three dimensions. Packed as bundles they can be easily stored and moved – excellent features as a base for a furniture kit. The clamp connector consists of three elements: two braces and a hex nut. The braces can be clamped onto a rod at a convenient position. With just one brace, a perpendicular connection can be achieved. With the additional second brace two rods can be fixed in any angle. The design of the clamp connector is purely functional.

What is special?

The MOKIT clamp connector is reduced to just two, respectively three parts and thus more simplified than other swivel type clamps. As well as in construction or in the field of photography and movie production there are multiple types of rod clamps with similar functions. However these are quite expensive. For the construction of, for example a furniture, many such clamp connectors are necessary, which makes the use of them economically unreasonable. Furthermore, many flat pack furniture are not suited for a repeatable assembly and disassembly in the long run. MOKIT eliminates all of these restrictions in very simple manner.

What is new?

A economical and universal connector, which enables a wide range of free construction possibilities. The potential to cut the wooden rods to any length by hand gives additional freedom and adaptability for any type of spacial situation. Both elements, connector and wooden rods are useable countless times and can be separated homogeneously. This makes MOKIT sustainable and supports a circular utilization.