Arne Dohrmann

November / November - 2019

Kunsthochschule Kassel



POCH3D is the first textile bag produced with the 3D printer.

What is the Topic?

The topic of the final thesis is "Development and research of 3D-printed structures on textile materials". The main focus is on materials research, the aim of which was to find material combinations that would allow textiles to be printed directly and permanently with the 3D printer. This has resulted in POCH3D, which combines the research results in a single product and makes them haptically tangible.

Why does it look like this?

With the product, the focus is on the manufacturing process. Therefore, the seams stand out from the imitation leather in colour and create an interesting detail.

What is special?

The special feature of the POCH3D are the seams. They are printed directly onto the carrier material, creating a permanent bond. Additionally, a closure can be integrated into the seam. The 3D printing saves several production steps during the manufacturing process and gives you the possibility to personalize the bag easily.

What is new?

The combination of 3D printing and textile combined in one and the same manufacturing process is new. This gives not only the chance to explore new design possibilities but also the advantage of local production.